Croner can be installed using your preferred package manager or CDN. After installation, it can be included in your project as follows:

If you are migrating from a different library such as cron or node-cron, or upgrading from an older version of croner, see the Migration Guide.

Importing with Node.js or Bun

For Node.js or Bun, you can use ESM Import or CommonJS Require:

// ESM Import
import { Cron } from "croner";

// or CommonJS Require, destructure to add type hints
const { Cron } = require("croner");

Importing with Deno

For Deno, import Croner from the provided URL:

// From
import { Cron } from "";

// ... or
import { Cron } from "jsr:@hexagon/croner@8.1.0";

Make sure to replace 8.1.0 with the latest version.

In a Webpage Using the UMD-module

To use Croner in a webpage, you can load it as a UMD module from a CDN:

<script src=""></script>